Download U100 Remote Camera Assistant Canon Version
U100 Remote Camera Assistant Operation App Software:

Configuration requirements:

1. Android tablet or mobile phone(IOS version is in development)

2. The system requires Android 6.0 or higher

3. This APP is compatible with Harmony OS

4. The CPU (processor) adopts Hisilicon kirin chip or Qualcomm chip

5. There is no designated brand and model of tablet or mobile phone, and it can meet the above configuration requirements.

Size requirements:

1. Tablets under 11.5 inches; mobile phones over 5.5 inches

2. If you use the tablet hood of Ueleret, you need to use a 9.4-10.9-inch tablet; mobile phones cannot use the tablet hood

Please download and install the C1.7 version (do not disconnect the network), enter the operation interface and click [Online Upgrade], the operating software will be upgraded to the new version

  Canon Version RCA  APP Software

   Android mobile version C1.7

   Requires Android 6.0 or higher

手机C1.8-B ICON@2x.png
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   Android tablet version C1.71

   Requires Android 6.0 or higher

手机C1.8-B ICON@2x.png
直线 -B@2x.png

   IOS version C1.7 (under development)

   Requires iOS 11.0 or later

APPLE C1.8-B ICON@2x.png
直线 -B@2x.png

  Target Search Camera Video Conversion Software

  Video batch conversion tool

   V 1.0.0

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  Canon Camera Setup File Download

  EOS-1D X Mark III

  EOS-1D X Mark II

  EOS R5

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  Instruction Manual

  U100 Remote Camera Assistant Installation and Instruction Manual (Canon Version)

  U100 Remote Camera Assistant Software Operation Manual (Canon Version)

  U100 Remote Camera Assistant Instruction Manual (Canon Version)

  U100 Remote Camera Assistant Canon Camera Function Setting Instructions

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